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Born in Dalian

1988 Graduated from Guangzhou Fine Art Academy



Xue Jiye - solo exhibition, Art Scene China and Art Scene Warehouse, Shanghai
Xue Jiye Traveling Solo Exhibition, National Gallery of Indonesia

2003 Xue Jiye Solo Exhibition Alliance française de Canton Epic of Fable - Battle, Guangdong Contemporary Oil  Painting Art Exhibition (Silver Awards)

Xue Jiye Solo Exhibition, Thomas Mccormick Gallery, Chicago
Xue Jiye Solo Exhibition, Kunming Shanghe Museum
Art Miami, Miami Beach Convention Center, USA
San Francisco International Art Exposition (SFIAE), California, USA
Guangdong Summer Oil Painting Exhibition, Guangzhou Art Museum


Xue Jiye, Art Scene China Gallery, Hong Kong
Guangdong Landscape Oil Painting Invitation
Exhibition for Ten Artists, Guangdong Art Museum

2000 Xue Jiye Solo Exhibition, Guangdong Art Museum
Sculpture: A Man staring at the Sky (collected by Guangdong Art Museum)
1999 The Street at Midnight, the Ninth National Art Exhibition (collected by Guangdong Art Museum)
Guangdong Invitational Exhibition for Nine Young Artists, Shenzhen Art Museum
1998 Groundwork, Chinese painting of Mountains and Rivers - Landscape Oil Painting Exhibition, Beijing (collected by Taiwan Art Foundation)
1997 Wall, Striding Towards New Century - China Oil Painting Exhibition for Young Artists, Beijing
Exhibition for Combination of Urban People’s Personalities, Chongqing
1992 Visitors, China Oil Painting Exhibition, Beijing (collected by National Artist Committee)
1990 Weeds in October, Guangzhou Biennial Exhibition in the 90s, Guangzhou, China
1989 Print Ma Ni Bian Bian Hong, The Seventh National Art Exhibition (collected by National Art Museum)