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Statement by Wang Aiying

‘Writing should follow the times [says a Chinese idiom].’ I believe that ‘Art’ should be contemporary by nature; it should be filled with the spirit of the era. Cultural tradition is more than just linguistic or visual imagery; it is something deeper from which artists absorb concepts. For me, the creative process is intuitive. The lack of rational thought makes the process seem risky, like a child embarking on a visual adventure.

As for my method of artistic expression, I experiment with different techniques by using a brilliant variety of colors on rice paper in a way that expresses exactly what I want. I often layer and intertwine complementary colours together; each patch of colour naturally flows together and each line has its own path. It feels very liberating.

During the process of creating an artwork, an artist’s original concept may be affected by other trains of thought. Many artists attempt to avoid such random interruptions, but when such things occur, I try to rebel against knowledge, rationalism and thinking. If one loses control, then so be it, because only in this way can we unleash the creativity of the contemporary era and achieve anything. This is the most genuine and joyous creative state.

- Wang Aiying