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China’s culture is extensive and profound. Even as a native Chinese person, I have only just begun to scratch the surface of this tremendous civilization. I have not always felt this way.  When first entering Art College, I was fascinated by the western way of life – its art and traditions. I would talk extensively about Greek culture, Rembrandt, Rubens and so on. I was more intrigued by occidental culture than my own. To me, Chinese ink painting seemed outdated while oil painting appeared more fashionable. Nowadays, however, seeing the vast array of contemporary artistic talent I feel slightly ashamed. I am deeply proud of my roots and of how we are continually progressing on the artistic front, both in terms of skill and global recognition.

There are two kinds techniques frequently used in Chinese ink paintings; Gong Bi (using a very thin pen to paint detailed work) and Xie Yi (a more blurry, freer style that strives to capture the spirit and essence of objects and figures). There is also oil paint, which lends itself to both realistic and more expressionistic approaches. I like to experiment with all the different techniques. We live in a wonderful world and though perhaps I cannot present my imaginary world to viewers as accurately as I would like, I feel immense pleasure in my attempts to do so. Aside from expressing my own emotions, I simultaneously hope to strike a chord with viewers and bring you joy. I am not a stylish person and what I strive for is to be genuine and true to myself, rather than focus on the opinions of others. I use my heart to paint and my soul to communicate. Although my body may never be free, I yearn to make my spirit soar.