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Statement by Zhang Jie

I have always been interested in self-exploration and had a passion towards life. But what I almost invariably see, both openly and secretly, is indifference and strife. I want to be true to myself and maintain a simple heart. This truth gives me inspiration to analyze and express the feelings of our generation: boldness, rebellion, discovery, narcissism, imagination, stimulation, displacement and anxiety. Maybe it is hard, but at least I think I’m true to myself. I’m willing to reveal my heart to myself, and I will never betray the true me. I feel safe and relaxed. This is in fact more a kind of self-preservation.
Whenever I paint, I feel as if I am talking to myself. We are constantly communicating and observing antinomy, which results in negativity. Every time I experience this, it surprises me. The figure in my paintings has sad eyes, and a face that’s never been happy. But she is showing her true heart. I don’t like to “produce” artworks. I hope that my work will be moving, and also be a direct reflection of the confusion of humanity and contradiction lying at the core of life.
Artists need to obtain a full understanding of life. There are plenty of things that I still have yet to do. I believe that if my footsteps are firm enough, I will have the courage to go on with my exploration in the world of art.

- Zhang Jie